SCREENBROKERS: Screenplay evaluations/analysis with a difference:
Guaranteed Hollywood Agency Representation for exceptional scripts.

A One-Of-A-Kind Resource

Agency Representation for Screenwriters & Screenplay

Screenplays Evaluated With
1 Major Difference -

Agency Representation Offered
For Exceptional Scripts

Writing screenplays is easy compared to marketing and selling them, but getting an agent is almost an insurmountable task.

Getting an Agent: Why so Difficult?

If your screenplay is marketable, we can get it represented for you by brokering it through an agent.

Screenbrokers recommends your script.

1. Agent sells it - makes 10% on the script sale
2. We receive 5% of the script sale from the writer
3. You get cash from your sale plus writing credit

We have our fingers on the pulse of the film market and because of our vast experience we know good writing when we see it.

We are convinced there are hundreds of excellent screenplays out there. Unfortunately, most of these scripts will never see "The Silver Screen" simply because they will never see their way into an agent's office. Our service can ensure entry into this exclusive domain.

Because we have access to major studios and we recommend only marketable material, our contacts know we won't waste their time with unprofessional scripts. Good scripts open doors for us and keep them open.

Of course, like other businesses, we need to make money. We have an excellent evaluation/analysis service. But we guarantee, if your script is exceptional and ready-to-go when comes to us, your entire fee will be refunded.

Why would we do that you ask? The answer is simple. A screenplay sale is much more lucrative to us than an evaluation.

Screenbrokers evaluate/analyze screenplays and guarantee you representation if your script is exceptional. Access to major studios. Proven results. Discover why.

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