One Rate


Standard Length/Standard Font Scripts

(95-125 pages)
(Courier 12 Font)


No need to send an SASE (Self addressed stamped envelope).
Screenbrokers picks up the cost of return postage.

(Sadly, due to the high costs of postage as well as international banking fees, all international submissions [including Canada] are now $515.00 instead of the $495.00 we charge American customers. Screenbrokers regrets having to pass along these costs to you.)

$250.00 for second drafts (same title)
Extra charge for longer screenplays

(Please allow two to six weeks)



Screenbrokers will read up to 30 pages of your screenplay, make notes and RED FLAG specific problem areas. We will also make comments on your synopsis if you include it.

Full Price: $125


We accept checks, Visa, Mastercard and American Express



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