Additional Services

Novel to screenplay adaptations

Complete story outlines

Full screenplays based on your ideas


Set up pitch meetings

How many times have you been told that your life would make a great movie? You probably just laughed it off and replied that you didn't know how to write, or that you didn't have the time.

Well, we know that real-life stories are often the basis for some of the best movies; like from years ago, Norma Rae, and The China Syndrome, and more recently, Hurricane, The Insider, Erin Brockovich, Walk the Line, Ray, Ali, and La Vie En Rose. And we at Screenbrokers do know how to write and we will make the time to write that screenplay for you or get you started by writing a synopsis or story outline for you.

A standard contract as set up by the Writers Guild of America will grant you full story credit.

Our prices on adaptations, original screenplays, and synopses, are Writers Guild minimums.

Sometimes just a germ of an idea is all it takes. Studios often pay well just for a fresh new concept. If you have a terrific notion in mind, Screenbrokers can arrange a pitch meeting for you.

We are Screenbrokers, not agents



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